Tricia Cusden - Look Fabulous Forever

Tricia Cusden is the Founder of Look Fabulous Forever. 

At the age of 65, Tricia spotted a gap in the market for a new approach to cosmetics for older women.   She invested her own savings in a range of specific makeup suitable for more mature eyes, faces and lips. In October 2013, Look Fabulous Forever was launched to 80 friends and family at a party in London.

At the time of the launch, two makeup tutorial videos which Tricia had made with two friends acting as models to demonstrate all the LFF products, were uploaded to YouTube.  Slowly these videos gained in popularity and were the starting point for the fast growth of the business. There are now over 40 tutorials on YouTube with nearly 2m views between them.

In November 2015, she was awarded CEW’s Digital Achiever of the Year Award and LFF has just been shortlisted for Amazon Digital Business of the Year by the Lloyds National Business Awards and Best Small Business by the Nectar Business Awards.

Tricia has two daughters, Anna and Suzy, who both work in the business, and five grandchildren. She divides her time between London and France.