Bill Douglas - Natwest

Programme Director, Services

 Bill has worked in IT since 1982, working for both manufacturing firms as well as end-users. His primary industry focus has been telecommunications, banking and IT services within large and small organisations. He has held a number of Executive Director roles and has particular experience in IT service provision.

Bill started working in the RBS Group in 2009 leading a programme to consolidate data centres.  After successfully initiating this programme he went on to head a programme to consolidate technology platforms and drive cost and energy savings. His next challenge was to launch the bank’s mobile app and, following its successful release in May 2011, Bill was appointed Head of Mobility.  This position incorporates responsibility for the Bank’s internal ‘app store’. This connects RBS employees to their workplace systems wherever they may be in the world with the apps giving added capability. 

Bill continues to work closely with the Bank’s divisions to drive customer focussed innovation to market via the digital experience. In May 2015 he was given responsibility for the Retail bank’s digital change programme.  Projects span a range from enterprise document management systems to sub £5M projects to provision alerts to customers going in to overdraft, controlling debit cards and international payments.  The underpinning theme of the programmes is to deliver a single customer experience for customers and staff alike and drive the bank’s ambition to be number one for customer advocacy, service and trust.