About Rich Insight: 

Retail Recharged is a Rich Insight event. 

Rich Insight was founded in 2014, by Richard Hurtley and James Davey, to help retail brands accelerate their growth through the implementation of proven multi-channel strategies and digital innovation.

By assembling a team of board-level specialists from across the retail and retail tech landscape, Rich Insight is uniquely positioned to support leading and emerging brands with customer-driven channel expansion across eCommerce, marketplaces, wholesale and retail. 

Rich Insight’s rare combination of experience and understanding of new innovations in retail, ensures that the approach we take with each retail brand is holistic, sustainable and delivers results. 

Richard Hurtley, MD & Co-Founder, Rich Insight.

Richard Hurtley, MD & Co-Founder, Rich Insight.

“We created Retail Recharged, as for too long the worlds of technology and retail have been disparate. We act as an enabler to create a meaningful dialogue. We are no ordinary event. We use our retail and technology backgrounds to filter the best emerging talent and put it into a pioneering and interactive format so it is attractive for busy retailers. Our exclusive, invite only audience are also truly decision makers from retailers and retail brands. Unlike many conferences today, we believe quality really does beat quantity.”


Richard Hurtley